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The Facts!

Marketing is about being noticed, no-one wants to go to page 2 of Google; in fact 85% percent of people when buying online will not go past the first page!

Our goal to get you to the first page of Google, to get you noticed and more importantly to reach your market and sell your product. We specifically use a variety of proven techniques that achieve this, we help with blog writing, content creation and link building everything that gets you noticed and talked about. We make sure we get your customers coming to your website and establishing your business as the leader in its field.

Traffic Generation Services

Increase Relevant Leads

Our service increases your leads by getting more people already looking for you product through the door, this is done through keyword ranking which google and other search engines crawl for when people search online

Boost your online Reputation

In our day an age, the online social revolution reputatation counts for allot our methods of traffic generation ensure that you site get all the praise it deserves

Media Coverage

With the internet being so huge its easy to become a literal needle in a haystack. We ensure the worldwide press know about you, this ensures us the ability to guarantee your business prominence on the web.

Free Snap shot report

The free snapshot report is a analysis of a website already in existence. If you would like to find out about your current ranking fill in a short form and we will get back to you with the details.

Our Campaign packages


Huge Media attention is just a couple clicks away

Standard Package

R 4999 / Per month
  • 1x WDS News Release
  • We Write The Release For You
  • A Catchy Well-Researched News Angle
  • 1 Professionally Written Article
  • Maximum WDS Network Distribution

Value Package

R 7999 / Per month
  • 2x WDS News Release
  • We Write The Release For You
  • A Catchy Well-Researched News Angle
  • Multiple Professionally Written Articles
  • Maximum WDS Network Distribution
  • Big Savings
Best Seller

Value Plus Package

R 12999 / Per month
  • 3x WDS News Release
  • We Write The Releases For You
  • Multiple Catchy Well-Researched News Angles
  • Multiple Professionally Written Press Releases
  • Maximum WDS Network Distribution
  • AND Even Bigger Time & Money Savings!