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GOOGLE Pay per click advertising

Google Ads

How does it work?

Advertisers generally set a bid for clicks based on the keywords of the audience they are targeting. Pay-per-click advertisers enter into an auction against other advertisers for each click they receive.
Advertisements that end up getting shown are based on bid and ad quality scores. The quality of the landing pages and historical click-throughs to your website will also affect this score.

What does it look like?

The top 4...

When you bid on a keyword and win, your ad will appear in the top four results on page 1 as you can see from this example.

Is it worth it?

Every day large and small companies use pay-per-click advertising to drive more leads and sales. So without a doubt, it’s worth it. When google ads are done in combination with¬†press releases, the results become explosive.

The keys to pay-per-click advertising campaigns are testing and optimizing. Our team of experts manages this for you and sends weekly report updates on the results.

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